Family Flourishing on an Urban 1/4 acre Permaculture Plot — 2 Comments

  1. Such a charming, knowledgeable and resourceful family – an inspiration to us all. Probably everyone reading this blog, if not already “off grid” is moving towards it, and seeing someone who has done it, is a huge encouragement.

    Regarding vehicles, certainly in the Western world, anyone who can limit their need for a car to two days a week will find it as cheap to rent a car as to own one, so if three neighbours commute daily to the same town, then by hiring a car for two week-days each, none of them need to own cars.

    The majority of people in the Western world don’t ( or won’t ) realise that the values that they hold are unsustainable, and that changing their values will lead to a far more content lifestyle. It is wonderful to see the family in this video demonstrating just how good that a sustainable lifestyle can be – and to be proud of what they have achieved !

    Thank you, as always, for sharing this video with us – it has enriched our lives.

    • My favorite line in the video was when they said “every time you give up something, you gain something.” Very true. Seems to me most everyone from modern developed countries have lives that are way more complex than necessary.

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