Family lives in an autocamper in the UK and in Thailand in the winter

This fruitloving family stopped working 9 to 5, bought a converted truck and started living half of the year in the UK and the other half in Thailand.

The keyword is freedom. Do what you love to do instead of following the herd.

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  1. Off topic but really amazing: I just found out about Megan Lernhoff and her friends in Texas. Megan is smashing triple marathons (100k) on a fruitarian diet! Even more amazing, is she eats 90-95% fruit/and only 5-10% salad, no overt fats like nuts and avocados and oil, no overt salt, no protein supplements, and no cooked food. Her macro nutrient ratios are about 90/5/5. And Megan is not alone. She and her friends such as Rebecca at Texas Fruitarians on YouTube say they are healing themselves naturally of all sorts of diseases, including multiple schlerosis, as well as losing a lot of weight — all without pills or supplements of any kind. Megan gets her blood checked regularly due to the stress of long races and she says she’s perfectly healthy. Look up her before and after photos from 8 years ago and you’ll be amazed. If true, this goes against everything we’ve been taught about nutrition. All I’m saying is just check it out and see what you think.


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