Finding the Right Community

Where are you going to build your sustainable home? For the best possible life you’ll want to find a community of people with the right attitude. In Crestone, Colorado, for example, there are straw bale, earthbag, adobe, earthship houses, etc. on almost every block. This tiny town has around 125 of these alternative buildings. The realtors, builders, inspectors, homeowners, suppliers, everybody involved knows about this and agrees it’s a good thing. Now why is that? No one forced these people to build this way. Well, they’re educated, well informed, open to new ideas and have progressive minded building officials, that’s why. You could talk this up to another community 100 miles away and they would give you 100 reasons why it wouldn’t work. But in Crestone people know these ideas work and laugh at those building houses out of “2×4 skinny walls” that waste energy and are difficult to keep warm.

There are numerous other like-minded communities in California, Oregon, Kentucky, etc. They attract do-it-yourselfers, organic gardeners, people interested in renewable energy and natural builders. They often have intentional communities/ecovillages nearby. Search Global Ecovillage Network and Intentional Communities to locate forward thinking areas as possible building and relocation sites.

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