First Earthbag Toilet Prototype Completed in India — 8 Comments

  1. Every new home innovation has to start somewhere. If Hyperadobe and earthbags can prove themselves as a commode, mayhap they can refine and adapt the technique to use it elsewhere as well. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Very nice !

    Just a thought …. add one extra wall and move the metal roof bars flush to the edge

    You have now 2 toilets next to each other for less cost ;-)


  4. I was half expecting to see an actual toilet made out of earthbags! Was sorta relieved to just see an outhouse! Looks great.

    • Very funny. That made me laugh.

      We’re busy now thinking of ways to cut costs and speed construction. What we learn on these little projects will help us on larger projects, plus more workers get trained. This is why Kelly and I always recommend building a small structure for a first project. It gives builders a chance to learn and practice each step without taking any big risk.

      • Small projects obviously make the most sense, and these “toilets” are great advertising for the building method. Lots of people will spend time examining those walls with undivided attention.

        I, on the other hand, chose a 700sqft home with an original design (we spoke over email several months ago) as my first EB project. But so far, so good. I have both your and Kelly’s ebooks, so I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. But I am finding my own methods of efficiency along the way, as I work alone.

        A few off the top of my head, an old tire rim makes an excellent spool for measured lengths of barbed wire. You can roll it on and off and the hole where the stem valve was makes a perfect spot to hole the end of the wire. Another revelation was to use old carpet (which is always free) as sunblock for the bags. It’s free, opaque and too heavy to blow away. Also, I found a quick efficient way to close bags quickly with one nail. When full, grab the top corners with one finger per corner, spin each finger in a forward circle twice, the pull those corners to the middle, overlapping, drive 3″ nail, done.

        All of these tips may be old news, but they are new to me!

        • Thanks for the feedback. It’s fun coming up with new time and labor saving tips. The carpet idea sounds especially useful.

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