Flexible Form Rammed Earth Construction (Earthbag Construction) Part 1

Very good video about building earthbag domes that shows half a dozen or so innovative ideas I haven’t seen before. I can’t think of another video or project where I’ve seen so many new interesting building tips. So hat’s off to The Roundtable that’s building these domes in Uganda.

“Case Study presentation by Frank Morris Matovu at the 4th Quarterly Roundtable Discussion Meeting on Appropriate Building (Low-tech Construction) at The African Heritage House, Kenya.”

Part 2 (includes a story about an earthbag dome accidently hit by a truck)

The Roundtable: “The Roundtable is a platform that brings together passionate people who want to change the construction industry for the better. The Roundtable seeks to harness the experience and intelligence of stakeholders across the construction sector by convening meetings where ideas and views on particular issues relating to the construction industry can be exchanged, new issues explored and desire for actualisation of innovative thinking nurtured. At The Roundtable, we challenge the construction practitioners to quit complaining about things not being done right and dare them to be the change they want to see in the industry.”

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