Focus on Positive Solutions

Just imagine if the trillions of dollars wasted in Middle East wars had been invested in better ports, airports, highways, high speed rail, cleaning up the environment, reforesting degraded lands and building more sustainable cities and affordable housing. The possibilities are mind boggling. Of course that didn’t happen. The money is gone and now we need to focus on the way forward. We need to stay focused on positive solutions, and this is exactly what our blog is all about.

The Natural Building Blog is an aggregator of natural building information. Over the last 9 years our Natural Building Blog has evolved from a small site about earthbag building (which is still a key focus by the way) to the largest, best natural building news and information site. There’s nothing really close except Kelly Hart’s

There are now almost 3,000 articles on our blog on every topic imaginable from fuel efficient stoves to homesteading to dealing with building codes. It’s all here. All of the information has been carefully selected from countless articles, videos and websites from the vast Internet. We only feature the best of the best content. Readers can save a ton of time and effort by using our site versus random surfing of the Internet.

Remember information is power. Careful research and planning based on informative sites such as our blog can save you many thousands of dollars and headaches when you actually start building your ecofriendly home. Best of all, the information presented here is free. From the right hand side of the page you can search our blog by keyword or browse by topic. We also love to hear from readers and always try to promptly reply to questions and comments. Enjoy!

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