Best Tiny House and Small House Videos and Design Suggestions

Over the last few years I’ve watched hundreds of house design videos. I put the best tiny house videos on our Natural Building Blog to make it quick and easy for our readers to find quality content. Some people can’t get enough, so if you want a wider selection of content then I recommend Tiny House Magazine that covers the tiny house movement in more depth. And don’t forget about the free upcoming Tiny House Summit.

One good tip: As you’re watching videos and browsing images on websites look for design details that might work for you. This can include simple things such as a compact stove, sink or shelving idea. Pause the video and take a screenshot (press Ctrl plus Prt Sc) of that particular feature. Save the screenshot as an image file for later reference. I use PhotoShop for this purpose. At the same time you can crop and resize the image if you prefer.

There are so many high quality tiny house videos coming out that it’s not practical now to feature all of them as separate blog posts. Instead, I’ve listed 11 of my favorites below. Hope you enjoy. If you like these type of ‘roundup’ blog posts (lists of good sites or videos) and want to see more then please leave a comment.

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Wide Tiny House

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An honest tiny house review with a critical eye on long term livability issues.

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