Food growing like weeds

Excellent video by One Yard Revolution YouTube channel, one of my favorite gardening channels now. This is the goal for much of our garden – all the spaces in between trees, bananas, papayas, pineapples, etc. are being planted as explained in this video. These are all robust, fast, easy to grow plants that keep growing every year with minimal maintenance. These perennials and self-seeding annuals are planted in an intensive polyculture, much like you’d find naturally in nature. It’s no surprise that gardens like this attract massive quantities of earthworms and effective microorganisms. ‘Weeding’ primarily involves thinning the plants and eating them.

“Growing perennials and annual crops that easily reseed themselves gives us a garden bed full of crops that grow just like weeds. (These same herbs/microgreens are among the healthiest food in the world, so you want them growing profusely in the garden.) We use open pollinated seeds for best results. Here’s what’s growing in the bed: Perennials: chives, dandelion , Egyptian walking onions, garlic chives, red veined sorrel, sage, salad burnet Annuals: arugula, claytonia, collards, giant red mustards, kale, leaf lettuce, mache mustard greens, parsley, radicchio, red orach, spinach.”


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    • Hi Owen,This is how my garden is also. I have wonderful greens growing year round and I never have to plant a seed as they all come up as volunteers. Have you heard of Callaloo”? It is the best of them all and I got the seed when I lived in Belize. It is the favorite green there in that country. It grows like crazy and is very nutritious. If you need some seed, let me know.
      Thanks for your terrific blog.


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