Expanding Earthbag Building in Nepal — 2 Comments

  1. I have friends in very rural ares of Nepal who asked me to help after the devastating earthquakes, so I recently started an NGO to help some small villages in Nepal in rebuilding their homes.I know that earth bag homes can be stabilized for seismic areas, and I know that this IS THE ANSWER. I am gathering funds and volunteers to help aid in this endeavor and i feel that your training would be the best influence in building safe, long lasting, homes for the peoples that have been made homeless by this terrible tragedy.
    please check out our website for more information
    we are planning a trip for may to start the rebuild.

    I would really value your opinions and information if you would like to share please feel free to call me or chat me on facebook.

    D. Felegie

    • I just emailed you. Good Earth is taking over my training. They have all of my training materials that are being distributed for free.

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