Forest Garden Update Fall 2017: Explosive Growth, Living Mulch, New Beds — 3 Comments

    • Thanks. We’re really happy with it. This may be the most enjoyable project of my life. How can you beat working in a garden of Eden to grow our own food and restore the earth?

      I think more people will pay attention when the new forest garden gets bigger. It’s 100 times more efficient and so it’s suitable for massive replication. This agroforestry method can restore damaged portions of the earth and replace much of modern agriculture. I’m willing to consult with anyone who wants to scale up this idea for profit like Jean-Martin Fortier has done with market gardening.

  1. We had our first bumper crop of mulberries. Our first year we planted over 100 short pieces of mulberry branches around the perimeter of the garden. Most died as reported earlier, but the ones that got lots of sun are thriving. We chop them back to keep them under control and make it easier to reach the fruit.

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