GA Collaborative Earthbag Projects in Rwanda

“Following the success of their first Masoro Village Project house, the non-profit design group GA Collaborative (GAC) has released a video and crowdfunding campaign for their latest prototype in Rwanda. Like the previous GAC project, the first of its kind in Rwanda, it too will be built of earthbags, providing the crew further experience with a low-cost and durable construction technique.

This building, a two-story structure for shared kitchen and toilet facilities, will be constructed this summer by the newly-formed builders’ cooperative Association Icyerekezo (“New Vision”). Donations to the project will help towards additional material tests, equipment rentals, wages for fifty workers and four student interns ($2.00/day/person), site infrastructure, and travel and temporary accommodation for one GAC member.”

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3 thoughts on “GA Collaborative Earthbag Projects in Rwanda”

  1. Excellent video. I feel very good for what they’re doing in Rwanda. It has a very negative history as many well know so, seeing something like this taking place is so, so good. Thanks Owen for sharing this.

    • There are good people doing good things all over the world. The lamestream media mostly covers what they want people to think about (=propaganda) and so most of time you have to check out other sources for what’s really going on.


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