GERES Greenhouse Building Details

GERES free online PDF has complete greenhouse building details
GERES free online PDF has complete greenhouse building details

I think you’ll forgive me for double posting on this subject after you see GERES free online greenhouse building PDF. I’m reposting on the subject so no one misses this. The information in the PDF is top notch. It’s rare to find books with so much detail, even those for sale. Details include drawings for numerous designs and different building materials (adobe, brick, stone, rammed earth, earth berming), alternative roof materials such as wood poles, how to support the plastic sheeting with rope, check lists, material list with cost estimate, ventilation guidelines, and more. These building methods would apply to almost all cold climates except extreme polar regions and where winds are too strong.

Also, I thought I’d provide a little background on the man behind this amazing award winning greenhouse that’s helping thousands escape poverty. “Vincent Stauffer, a French Thermal Engineer, is the main contributor to this manual: he has led the design process, the experimentation and the diffusion of the model of greenhouse presented in this manual. He has been working since 1992 in the field of solar energy and since 1998 in the Hinda Kush – Himalaya area. With GERES, he contributes to the development of solar poultry farm, passive solar housing, improved stove, food processing and woolen transformation in Hindu Kush Himalaya.

The Renewable Energy and Environment Group (GERES) is a French NGO created in 1976. It works in a dozen of countries in Asia and Africa, promoting renewable energy resources and energy efficiency through a development process controlled by the local actors. GERES encourages the use of local resources with the objective to respect the environment and provide well-balanced development schemes.”
GERES Greenhouse PDF: A Manual of Solar Greenhouse Construction
Now I need to research their solar houses…

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