Grain Bin Root Cellar — 2 Comments

  1. that was pretty awesome. I would like to build a house underground, but how would you work the septic tank? It would simply be even lower in the ground relative to the house?
    It seems to me berming would the way to go.especially here in GA where it rains regularly. I’d have nightmares about water coming thru the walls.

    • Building below grade, even a little, is risky. Even people in dry climates get flooded eventually during a sudden downpour. It’s not worth the risk in my opinion. Always build on high ground and slope the ground away from the structure. Good draining soil is a plus. Then berm soil against the house if you want. 30″ high berm is a good height. You get some decent thermal benefits without risk of moisture damage and heavy pressure on the walls.

      If you did build entirely underground then you’d need to pump the wastes up to a septic tank. That’s how it’s usually done. I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess what happens when the pump doesn’t work.

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