Grandma Krishna’s Earthbag Home in Nepal

Grandma Krishna’s 12’x18’ interior earthbag home in Nepal
Grandma Krishna’s 12’x18’ interior earthbag home in Nepal

“Initially, on paper, I figured that it would be cheap to build earthbag houses. After many years of research, while I was studying and working in the UK, and after the twin earthquakes of 2015, it made more sense to me to give this method a try and promote it. I finally made the jump and started building a small earthbag home for the sweet old lady from my community here in Chiti VDC Lamjung. I found some hidden surprises associated with the build.

I have always tried to abide by one rule in my life, that is if you want to do something you must do it right and do it properly otherwise what’s the point! I am not perfectionist but I have seen many people trying to build houses for earthquake survivors but the end results are quite shocking and sickening as they don’t fully finish the house and do not understand all the nitty gritty that comes with building safe and beautiful homes that you can be proud of building.

It has not been easy to have come this far. Someone once told me it takes at least a year to build a proper home and I do not disagree. I am not saying it will take that long with our build but being a professional natural builder, I cannot stress enough the facts that huge care and planning must be taken into account prior to, during and after building homes as people’s lives depend on it!”

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