Report from Nepal — 3 Comments

  1. Most interested in the school infrastructure built of earthbags. Please, do you have photos? Im currently working with a NGO in Nicaragua that does community development and one of it component is building school classrooms in impoverished rural and urban areas. We are looking for a more cost defective, earthquake proof way of building. We want to incorporate materials that are found locally and move away from brick, cement and iron estructure. Please keep me posted. I want to present this new way of building to our country director here in Nicaragua.

    My best to you,

    Jose Miguel Guerrero.
    Divisions Operation Manager, Nicaragua.

    • Earthbag schools are quickly catching on here in Nepal as the safest, strongest, lowest cost, most effective way of building. A 6-classroom school can be built in about two months for the cost of a car. You could drive a speeding vehicle into the walls, detonate grenades and shoot them with a machine gun with only minor damage. Numerous documentaries are being filmed at the moment that document these projects. Good Earth currently has the most information available. I suggest emailing them and see if they can help you. I think they will send you a package of information and offer some consulting for a modest fee.

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