Grassroot Movement in Nepal (GMIN): Earthbag School — 10 Comments

  1. The link is visible when I view the comment. I’m not sure why you can’t see it. Unless you’re “chicken” to look at it? (That’s a joke… it will make more sense when you view the video.)

  2. Those walls are so straight! I had to look at the additional pictures in order to believe it was really made of earth bags. I guess I am just used to seeing rounded earth bag structures.

    • Tubes make flatter walls than bags, plus they probably used quite a bit of plaster. Some cultures and some builders want perfect, flat walls.

    • This is an extremely productive organization. Not very many groups are so successful, especially in harsh, difficult conditions. Imagine carrying materials in by hand over rugged mountain trails, digging in rocky soil, etc. And, they do good work.

  3. Earthbag building makes sense in Nepal due to the earthquakes and lack of roads to remote locations that make transporting materials very difficult. Search our blog for previous stories on earthbag schools, houses and orphanages in Nepal.

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