Green Desert Eco-farm Llama Barn

Green Desert Eco-farm Llama Barn
Green Desert Eco-farm Llama Barn

A group near Canon City, Colorado is building an earthbag llama barn. Here’s the comment that they posted the other day.

“Thanks Owen for posting the article. Our build went really well, just as easy as you make it seem with all the blogs and websites and instructables.

The one thing that consistently amazed me was the ability to teach someone the basics, and have them be part of a “three-person team” within just a few minutes. And considering that many folks who came to help had zero prior building experience or exposure to earthbags, this was astonishing. This is definitely one of the simplest and most direct building methods to teach a “laborer”.

We had loads of fun and the barn is coming along nicely. Working about 7 hours per day, rotating new people in each of the three days of the workshop, and running out of delivered dirt and digging more of our own, we still managed to get about 8 courses or 70% of the structure up.

Now we just have to start work on the stucco to protect the bags, and figure out a roof. Thanks again for all the help and info in advance. Now I want to build more of these!”

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