Grossing $350,000 on 1.5 Acres of High Intensity, No-Till Vegetable Production

“Neversink Farm in Claryville, NY grosses $350,000 on farming 1.5 acres. It’s an amazingly productive and efficient high intensity vegetable farm. And they are doing it all no till.”

This video has lots of useful gardening and market garden tips. The owner explains how greenhouses can be pricey, but the cost is worthwhile because production is higher in a protected space. You can make $100,00/year in a 30′ x 120′ polytunnel greenhouse. He started out by leasing the land and now after 6 years they’re buying it. The garden soil looks like potting soil. Other tips include advice on how to virtually eliminate weeds and streamline production. The emphasis is on creating high profits very efficiently. For instance, instead of growing more crops to boost profits they focus on how to increase production with the plants they already have.


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