Below Ground Ferrocement Rainwater Tank

Below ground ferrocement water tank
Below ground ferrocement water tank

The lowest cost soil for earth building comes from the building site itself. Dig the soil onsite and you could build a ferrocement tank below ground in the pit. You could build a low cost roof over the top and use gutters to direct water into the pit to store large amounts of water. Seal the tank and it could be used for drinking water. If left open to the atmosphere, the water would be non-potable since it would attract insects and algae would grow.

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Note how these storage tanks could store all sorts of things besides water.

4 thoughts on “Below Ground Ferrocement Rainwater Tank”

  1. An FC vault would be good, with a moveable formwork, like the cardboard formwork we saw a few weeks ago.

    If the span wasn’t too great (16ft or less), you could do Latex Concret with a PVC frame, like a “hoophouse” for gardening. PVC frame, then billboard tarp for form, shadecloth for mesh, and paint a few layers of latex/concrete. Done. It’s not the cheapest option, but would be comparable with FC, and a lot faster.

    • Good idea about vaulted ferrocement cisterns. This design would be very practical. I haven’t found any pictures yet.


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