How to Grow Microgreens in a Spare Bedroom & Make $100,000+ a Year

“In this episode, you will discover how you can easily grow microgreens in your home to improve the health of you and your family. You will also discover how you can make over $100,000 a year in a spare room growing microgreens and how to get 2-day hands-on training on how to grow microgreens.

You will get a full tour of his growing operation seeing all the different equipment he is using to grow the microgreens. You will then discover how to grow the microgreens including detailed information on using the best seeds, best water, best trays, best-growing medium, and much, much more.”

This is a long video, but one of the all time best gardening videos I’ve ever seen. John Kohler has one of the most popular gardening channels on YouTube with 435,000 subscribers. He’s spent years traveling the country studying and reporting on the best gardening techniques. He said the method used by this company (City-Hydro in Baltimore, MD) has the best, most efficient microgreens growing system he’s ever seen. Note how you can use these ideas to feed your family super nutritious leafy greens or scale it up to start making some extra money. In other words, you can start small as an experiment and expand later if you want.

Contact Larry at Urban Hydro at or 1-443-765-4757
Learn How to Grow Microgreens Starts at 13:38
You can get HomeKits online.
Clever innovations by this company include: food grade grow trays, coconut coir mats as a growing medium, he sells the living plants so they’re as fresh as possible, there is no fertilizer or compost to help prevent pathogens, special energy efficient LED waterproof lighting that does not get hot, total electric bill = $100/month, their microgreens are certified 100% safe.

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  1. I’ve done something similar, not to make money but for our own good eating, drawing on the detailed instructions of a book called “Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening” by Peter Burke, published in 2015 by Chelsea Green.. got my copy at Amazon. Am re-reading it now to start up again for the fall and beyond!

  2. We need thousands of businesses like this everywhere producing locally grown, fresh healthy food. Support local organic farmers and these kind of businesses will naturally spring up.


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