Podcast: The independence and empowerment of earthbag building with Atulya K Bingham

“Today I have a guest with a truly remarkable story and journey into natural building. Atulya Bingham is the author of “Mud Ball” and “Mud Mountain”, both of which cover her incredible experiences moving to the countryside in Turkey and learning to build her own home with earth bags. She has also written numerous educational manuals on earth bag building, clay plasters and much more as well as blogging about her experiences.

In this interview Atulya talks about how she first moved onto her bare land in rural Turkey after some economic struggles and learned to do without the comforts that she’d grown accustomed to. We also go into detail about tons of natural building techniques including earth bag construction, applications of limecrete, pros and cons of earth bags when compared to other earthen building techniques and much more. Atulya also talks a lot about her process and journey that many of you who are making, or have already made transitions in your lifestyle will certainly relate to. I also caught up with her as she travels around northern Spain and talks a lot about this new transition of her own.”

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Mud Ball – How I Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind: Atulya K Bingham

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