Gypsum and Lime Stabilized Soil (Alker Technology) — 5 Comments

  1. Wondering if there is a recipe for lime stabilized soil, or Portland stabilized soil that is best for earthbag building.
    Like what type to use and how much per wheelbarrow of earth?
    I know the local mega-orange hardware store sells a “type s” lime, is that what I should use? I don’t seem to have as much clay in my native soil as I wanted, and a lot of the areas where I want to excavate for earthbag building were “filled” with a sandy fill as part of the originial house construction.
    Is stabilizing the soil with Lime a better option than adding portland cement? If not, how much Portland should I be using.
    Sorry for the simplistic questions, but I do appreciate all the help I can get :)

    • It partly depends on where you live and your local conditions. Most often earthbags don’t need stabilizing. It’s a lot of extra mixing and expense, so only do this if necessary. Or maybe you can get by just stabilizing lower courses. (Ex: areas with heavy wind driven rain or deep snow would benefit from some stabilized courses.)

      The percentage of lime or cement, and which is best, is based on your soil conditions. Cement works best with sandy soil; lime with clayey soils. Do some experiments with sample bags. Wait two weeks or so, spray with water, soak in water, cut open and examine them, etc.

      Lime gains strength more slowly than cement, but is less detrimental to the environment. Plus, lime allows moisture to pass through the wall.

      • The primary company mining and selling scoria in that region is Colorado Lava. Their number is 800 528 2765. The mine is just outside Antonito, Colorado, on the New Mexico side of the border with their main offices in Illinois.

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