Lime Stabilized Adobe Bricks

Stabilized adobe bricks (CEBs) curing in the shade
Stabilized adobe bricks (CEBs) curing in the shade

“In response to a recent post on the blog, I searched for Earthen Buildings East Africa to look for photographs and came across the following link:
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You may judge it worth publishing on your site as it, for a thesis, examines the properties of building bricks made from various materials for low-cost building in Africa but could be used anywhere as demonstrated by tests in central Tanzania with parallel results from California.

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Terrazyme Soil Stabilizer

I’ve been reading about TerraZyme® for a number of years, but Scott Howard of Earthen Hand prompted me to comment on this soil stabilizer. It seems to be an enzyme fermented from fruit, so here’s another safe, low tech way to stabilize earthbags. Text below is from their website. TerraZyme® soil stabilizer is a safe, … Read more

Gypsum and Lime Stabilized Soil (Alker Technology)

Although not necessarily required for earthbag building, stabilizing soil improves water resistance and compressive strength, and speeds drying time. Since 1978, Istanbul Technical University has been researching a technique called alker technology or alker construction. Basically it’s just soil stabilized with lime and calcined gypsum (plaster of Paris). The following summary is taken from their … Read more