Happy 6th Anniversary — 5 Comments

  1. I just had to reply to the comment you made Owen. You are so right and that’s why my advice to EVERYONE is make plans for your food and medicine. Basically try your very best to have at least a years worth of food stocked up for the possibility of something to go terribly wrong. Grow food and can it. Get a good medical supply kit. Try to only go to a store for things you absolutely need. America is so un-balanced today as far as our debt, increased taxes, fuel rising for home and auto, food prices and the list goes on. Today you REALLY have to think off grid in the truest sense. It’s not as the Whitehouse paints it and most Americans understand this. That’s why millions of Americans are preparing. That’s my advice. PREPARE.

  2. We’re coming to a critical juncture in human history. You, Kelly and crew are providing an important service to the planetary crew. True affordable alternative building systems and advice creates an important stopping point on that web, one that should grow exponentially.

    Our nonprofit is currently looking to establish a commercial aquaponic system producing USDA certified organic product and fish. This business will be based on a unique business model, I’ve referred to it in the past as a “humanistic economic” model, but a “community based” economic system would also apply.

    This business will divide earned profit in three directions; to the Worker-Owner (as in the 24bil$ Spanish Mondragon Coop), to the Investor, and to the Social Sector. We trust that once this is brought on line it will spread quickly. An alternative to today’s corrupt model that is imploding as we all type.

    Cosmic Blessings to you as we enter the new time cycle.

    • We’re certainly long overdue for a better economic system. Our current fiat money system is a train wreck in progress as you point out. It’s wise to start developing backup plans — Plan A, Plan B, etc. — to hedge against different scenarios. (That’s one reason for our new homestead.) Let’s hope things unfold/unwind slowly enough so we can adapt without too much pain.

  3. Hope to see this continue for many, many years to come. It’s a great and very informative blog site. You find some of the best around the world. “Thanks Owen….”

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