Stone House in Mount Pelion, Greece

Okay, maybe you don’t have the money to pay a dozen workers for two years to build a house like this, but you have to admit the design and craftsmanship on this stone house is amazing. There’s a lot to be learned from showhomes like this. Study the details and maybe you can include some similar stonework in your dream home.

“Stone traditional mountain house applying natural hand-made materials respecting the traditional architecture and the environment of Mount Pelion, Greece.”

Architect Dimitris Philippitzis

2 thoughts on “Stone House in Mount Pelion, Greece”

  1. The sound effects in the video were rather distracting, but it’s a very nice house.

    I couldn’t help wondering all during the video what sound effects they would use when they showed the bathroom!

    I guess that’s why they never showed the toilet.

    I loved the snakeskin type effect that the rounded slates on the roof presented.

    They could film the next sequel for “The Planet of the Apes” in that house.


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