Termite Ventilation – Natural Airconditioning

“It’s possible to have good ventilation in the building if you use the way nature works.”

More videos by architect Anders Nyquist and Michael Raimondo.
Zeri.org Fantastic website.

3 thoughts on “Termite Ventilation – Natural Airconditioning”

  1. This is very compelling. I searched and read a bit more–mainly on the Inhabitat site. Would it be “within reason” to think (a)no air conditioning units and (b)savings upwards of 75% on utilities?

    And like the termites, is a constant opening and closing of vents required or does one stationery system of fans, intakes, vents and exhausts handle it?

    Lastly, would a termite ventilation system function effectively on 2000 sq ft ranch style house or a two story one? (maybe there needs to be more mass, and more underground tunnel work and air passages in the structure than economical for a small residence??).

    • Both house options could be designed for passive cooling and daylighting so there’s no AC (75% reduction or more in utilities). You can approach near zero energy homes without spending a lot of money. It’s incredibly simple. Search our blog (two blog posts) for “passive cooling strategies” for dozens of low tech cooling methods. Also read our blog posts on zero energy homes.


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