Healing the Soil With Natural Farming – IMO and EM

“Introducing ultra-low-cost agriculture for everyone. Jadam Korean Natural Farming Method as trained and practiced on Kaua`I, Hawaii. Locally sourced and produced methods for fertilization, pesticides, and bio-remediation of farms and land. Very low-cost organic farming methods. Indigenous people, the world over, have used similar practices since farming began.”

They say you can farm organically at $100 per acre a year using this method with only minimal use of inputs from off the farm. Use what is locally available and free: pristine soil samples and culture samples from under undisturbed old trees, wild grass, weeds, spoiled fruit, fruit peels, left over egg shells and fish bones, old leaves, worm castings, fungi, biochar, mulch, etc.

Tips from the video: All mixtures are sustainable, super safe and nontoxic, but please wear a mask when spraying to avoid getting too many organisms in your face and lungs. Mixtures are typically made from concentrates and then mixed with rainwater at ratio of one teaspoon per gallon. Use pure rainwater in the formulations. Plant Sesabania Grandiflora as nursery trees to provide shade for new trees in your forest garden. Later, grind them up and use as mulch around the fruit trees. Minerals from seawater or diluted sea salt can be used to help replenish garden soil. Natural ‘pesticides’ (more like repellents) are made with materials such as neem leaves, garlic and onion. Bio-remediation can be done in a patchwork across the land, and over time the beneficial organisms will spread into surrounding areas. Fungi are effective at bio-remediating legacy industrial and agro chemicals in the soil. It’s good to cover the soil with thick mulch to help keep the soil moist and help the microbes grow.

They recommend this natural farming book: JADAM Organic Farming & Gardening : ULTRA Powerful Pest and Disease Control Solution, Make all-Natural Pesticide, The way to Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture! Paperback – 2016 This book has very good reviews. I plan on buying it.
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It’s best to get firsthand experience to truly learn the process. Once you’re good at it you can turn dead/abandoned land into fertile soil and make a good profit. This process is better than turning lead into gold. You’ll be creating low cost organic food to feed communities that are slowly being killed with toxic supermarket foods.

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  1. This is the best natural farming/soil building video I’ve seen so far. This info is very uplifting. If you want to convert low cost degraded land into fertile land then please watch this video.


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