Hempcrete as Earthbag Fill — 5 Comments

    • Adding insulation materials to thermal mass materials rarely yields a fill material with superior qualities; it usually degrades both in terms of inherent thermal properties.

  1. I see a reason not to – HempCrete cannot support its own weight! Better off using sand-silt-clay-straw in the bags and plasting hempcrete on the inside and out, and maybe in narrow non-structural channels from the inside to the outside to allow the thing to breath like a hempcrete structure should.

    • Yes, but realize people are building lots of different types of earthbag buildings in lots of different climates for different purposes. This includes post and beam supported earthbags. It’s good to have options even though it may not be optimal for typical earthbag. In general, it seems like extra work and would not be practical for most projects.

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