The Hempcrete Book

The Hempcrete Book – Designing and building with hemp-lime
The Hempcrete Book – Designing and building with hemp-lime

“The Hempcrete Book is the comprehensive, practical new book about building with hempcrete: a natural building material made from the chopped woody stem of the hemp plant (hemp “shivs”) and a lime-based binder. It is a non-loadbearing, sustainable, ‘breathable’ (vapor-permeable) and insulating material that can be used to form walls, floor slabs, ceilings and roof insulation in both new builds and restoration projects.

Will Stanwix and Alex Sparrow first started working with hempcrete in 2009, when information and guidance on the new material was scarce. As they became industry experts on hempcrete they decided to write the book that they had needed when they were first starting out: a practical how-to manual providing essential guidance and information, including case studies from finished hempcrete buildings and extensive design notes.

Hempcrete offers several key benefits:
1. It is a better than carbon-zero building material
2. It has exceptional thermal performance
3. It creates ‘breathable’ (vapor-permeable) buildings
4. It is a cost-effective building material for commercial and self-builders
5. It can be used in new-builds and in restorations, including historic building

Title: The Hempcrete Book: Designing and building with hemp-lime
Author: Stanwix and Sparrow
ISBN: 9780857842244 (hardcover) 9780857841209 (paperback)
Publication Date: 1st November 2014
Price: US $75.00 CA $90.00 (hb) US $49.95 CA $59.95 (pb)
Format: 255mm x 205mm, 368pp

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