The Hempcrete Book

The Hempcrete Book – Designing and building with hemp-lime
The Hempcrete Book – Designing and building with hemp-lime

“The Hempcrete Book is the comprehensive, practical new book about building with hempcrete: a natural building material made from the chopped woody stem of the hemp plant (hemp “shivs”) and a lime-based binder. It is a non-loadbearing, sustainable, ‘breathable’ (vapor-permeable) and insulating material that can be used to form walls, floor slabs, ceilings and roof insulation in both new builds and restoration projects.

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Hemp Construction Materials

Here are some quotes from FantasticHemp. I cannot verify many of the claims made on their site, but this certainly seems like something to investigate further. “Hemp can be made into any building material, including fiberboard, roofing, flooring, wallboard, caulking, cement, paint, paneling, particleboard, plaster, plywood, reinforced concrete, insulation, insulation panels, spray-on insulation, concrete pipes, … Read more