Hempcrete Update: Greater Availability of Legal Hemp in US

Purple color denotes states that allow cultivation of hemp for commercial, research or pilot programs
Purple color denotes states that allow cultivation of hemp for commercial, research or pilot programs

Good news for those interested in building with hempcrete in the US. Recent laws are making it much easier to obtain legal hemp for making hempcrete. Some hempcrete mixes turn almost as hard as stone.

“State legislatures have taken action to promote industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity in recent years. A wide range of products, including fibers, textiles, paper, construction and insulation materials, cosmetic products, animal feed, food, and beverages all may use hemp. The plant is estimated to be used in more than 25,000 products spanning nine markets: agriculture, textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food/nutrition/beverages, paper, construction materials and personal care.

While hemp and marijuana products both come from the cannabis plant, hemp is typically distinguished by its use, physical appearance and lower concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp farmers and producers often grow the plant for the seeds and stalk. The plant is cultivated to grow taller, denser and with a single stalk. Marijuana, grown for the budding flowers, tends to be grown shorter, bushier and well-spaced.

At least 30 states passed legislation related to industrial hemp. Generally, states have taken three approaches: (1) establish industrial hemp research and/or pilot programs, (2) authorize studies of the industrial hemp industry, or (3) establish commercial industrial hemp programs. Some states establishing these programs require a change in federal laws or a waiver from the DEA prior to implementation.

At least 16 states have legalized industrial hemp production for commercial purposes and 20 states have passed laws allowing research and pilot programs. Seven states—Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Virginia—have approved the creation of both pilot/research and commercial programs. Many of the states that have legalized hemp cultivation for commercial purposes specify that state law does not allow for violation of federal law. States including California, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana and Virginia have established a framework for regulating commercial hemp but still consider hemp illegal outside of research programs unless federal law changes.”

National Confrence of State Legislatures
Special thanks to Dave for this update. He says there is a ready supply of legal hemp hurds in the US, Colorado in particular. “States are in various degrees of what you can or cannot do. Colorado is pretty much whatever you want to do as long as the industrial hemp is less than .3%THC.”

More info: Hemp Products USA

3 thoughts on “Hempcrete Update: Greater Availability of Legal Hemp in US”

  1. Yes, we must hemp everything.
    Hemp car bumpers, hemp clothing, hemp handbags, hemp flavored hamburgers, …

    When will someone invent Jesus-crete for me to use as my foundation?

    How about mushrooms or coca plants?

    I would think many houses could be built and sheathed with all the anti-Trump signage from all these publicized events.

    • I saw pictures of the trash left behind by some protestors. Wow. Really bad.

      The most amazing foundation has already been ‘invented’ — gravel bags. Search our blog for details.

      • I build floating structures because I have Jesus as my foundation.
        I live in an 8×10 micro-lodge that has 56sqft + a loft.
        It is easily twice the footage of the camper van, converted to microRV, I was in for 2 years and it is three times the space I “need”.
        I left the van for a hillside in the woods overlooking a lake surrounded by farm land.
        The corners are 4×4 posts sitting on blocks on the slope each at different lengths to make the structure level.
        If my van were a 4×4 I’d have simply driven it back here but it cut and sank right into the soil like digging ruts was a contest.
        Solar is an issue under the tree cover as 1kW of panels only produces about 12Watts in the shade.
        But who needs hemp?
        When building a structure to sit and sleep in why would one go out of their way to ensure their entire existence revolves around getting high or the benefits of one plant as opposed to building the structure?
        [Edited: off topic comments]
        It doesn’t matter how small I build or how tucked away I am, I just can’t escape the stupidity unless I drop human contact all together.


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