Below Grade Earthbag Domes — 7 Comments

  1. Hey guys. I drew this plan up several years ago in response to a contest to design inexpensive housing options. The main reason the dome wasn’t corbelled looking was because of my sloopy photoshop drawing! LOL! I have never built a dome and probably won’t–I like putting roofs on my EB buildings and know that domes can be demanding. I usually talk people out of building domes these days because of possible moisture options like Owen mentioned and the structural challenges they present. The plastic could work, you would want the overlap above grade–the top plastic would overlap the lower, allowing water to run off. Now I’m designing something I call “The Ark,” which is a mostly below ground earthbag roundhouse with a large earthbag water cistern attached, especially designed for desert living.

  2. From Kelly Hart:
    Hi Georgie,
    I think that that design was concocted by someone without much real experience building earthbag domes. It is much too rounded on top to be safely self-supporting. If you look at the space available above the door there is no room for a loft. And, practically, you can’t put a flat door in a rounded wall with that sized dome without either buttressing it inward or extending an entryway outward. Further, the concept of gluing or ironing sheets of plastic together to form a watertight seal will not work over time; at some point it will begin to leak, and then you have problems.

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