Homemade Tractor Driven AC Generator

This tractor driven generator can run off of an old diesel powered tractor. This type of generator is less expensive than a big standalone diesel generator, and does not require storing gasoline. It’s easier and cheaper to store diesel. Thanks to Mike Adams, a survival expert in Texas, for this tip.

Video description: “I built this genset using a 10KW Generator head. The tractor is 14hp at the PTO. 825 PTO speed. Used a double V-belt system to get the 3600 RPM needed for 240V. I can get about 7-7500 KW of power. I took the protection cover off so you can see how I have it put together.”


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  1. This would be a good system for off grid homesteads or homesteads that have a small tractor that want backup power in case of emergencies.


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