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I dreamed of living in a houseboat on Lake Powell, AZ at one point and thought I’d throw this out as an interesting housing option even though Lake Powell probably isn’t the most practical place to live because of its remote, desert location. Check out the links below for other alternatives. You may be able to buy a used houseboat at a good price due to the recession. You could rent a houseboat first to see if you like the lifestyle. Lots more houseboat videos at YouTube.

“My wife and I are asked about living on a houseboat all the time. We cannot answer all your questions because usually one answer causes another question. We will however try our best. The first thing to know, life on the water has its pro’s and cons. Only you can decide if the life is a fit for you. Thankfully not everyone can live aboard, which is a good thing; it would get crowded out here. Because the choice to move at our pleasure we have chosen to live on Americas Waterways, in other words we are not land locked to one lake. We live on the TN River, which has access to close to 10,000 miles of navigable rivers never taking the boat out of the water.”

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“The TOP 10 Reasons to love Houseboat Living
If you were to ask 100 Houseboaters why they love living on a houseboat, and you may surely get 100 different perspectives. The long list has been reduced to the TOP 10 most popular reasons to Live on a Houseboat!

– You wake up, and you don’t have far to walk to go Fishing!
– The sound of the rain on the roof, you’ll Sleep like a Baby!
– You get “home”, and feel like your already on Holidays!
– There’s nothing like working from your House Boat office!”
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Houseboat Magazine

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  1. I have been looking into living on a houseboat full time, but Lake Powell workers never seem to be able to answer my question as to whether or not it is legal. So, is it?


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