Hurricane and Tornado-resistant Earthbag Houses — 10 Comments

  1. Hi there Owen,

    Thank you for keeping up with your blog, it’s been very helpful!

    I live in Malabar, Florida and my partner and I are looking to build an Earthbag home. We’re young and inexperienced when it comes to trying to figure out how to “build to code”. Do you have any pointers on how to figure out how to present our building plans to get approved? Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to find any contractors in the area. Do you have any connections or know who might?

    Thank you for you time Owen!

    • Florida and California have some of the strictest codes in the world and are the most difficult and expensive to work in. Lots of people ask me where they can find earthbag contractors so apparently there aren’t any available. To meet rigid codes you need to thoroughly understand them as a contractor would. For the engineering we recommend They can get my plans approved. But first you need to find a contractor.

  2. I am considering building in the Bahamas. Do you have any more information on this house or any contact information for the owners? Thanks.

    • Yes, berming earthbag structures is a great idea. Many of my plans at Earthbag House Plans are earth-bermed or earth-sheltered. The main requirement is adding 1-2 layers of 6 mil poly between the earthbags and earth.

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