Hybrid Homes — 7 Comments

  1. Interesting and informative article from you, Owen. Have to agree with you and Dustin when it comes to picking materials for a house. Too many people only look at aesthetic and not in the practical sense of building a house.

  2. Owen, I am wondering if you would mind answering a question or two? In earth-bag construction of domes, do you have to build the fan bag arches? I have seen in a book that you can cut them out as you build, would this be as structurally sound as the form with the fan bags? I have also seen where some people just have their form, but, instead of using fan bags, they jut lay their rows normally until they have their form covered. Or, do you even have to have the arches?

    • You can do it all three ways. If you don’t do the fan bags, it would be good to stabilize the bags or tubes above the arch just in case. And, of course, be sure your mix turns into a solid block after drying.

  3. “…use whatever material or technique is appropriate for any given application or aesthetic.”

    Or environment. There is a tragically huge quantity of structures that are totally inappropriate for their climate.

    Asphalt roof in the desert, really? You ever stand barefoot on a road in the desert? I thought you wanted your house to be not a bajillion degrees? [willfully inarticulate for emphasis]

    • What asphalt roof are you talking about? People leave comments like this without referencing what they’re talking about. And then you leave a remark like “have I ever stood barefoot on a road in the desert”. Geez.

      • Look at the city of Phoenix, AZ on Google Maps. Asphalt roofs everywhere… Dumb. But do something rational and you’re a weirdo and have to contend with the code nazis…

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