Hybrid Homes

Hybrid home made with adobe and straw bales
Hybrid home made with adobe and straw bales

“In a sense, virtually all buildings are hybrids of one sort or another. Most modern buildings employ a wide range of materials, some “natural” some not. A strawbale house, for instance, is most likely a hybrid of strawbales and conventional wood framing. Unless the building is a dome or vault, the roof is likely framed with wood or steel. Our domed home is a hybrid of earthbag and papercrete materials. I know of a fine circular home that was minimally framed with 2X4 studs and then strawbales set on their ends provided the insulation.

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CORGANIX Project Update

Ronin’s CORGANIX shipping container/earthbag hybrid design is gaining a lot of traction. His post yesterday at Renaissance Ronin Blog triggered 33 emails and mirrored content on about 30 sites. This is a new approach for earthbaggers that’s well worth considering. In this case, Ronin is selling the ISBUs with a pre-finished kitchen and bath. He … Read more

Hybrid House Ideas

You’ve probably noticed our blog covers a range of various building materials and methods. That’s because hybrid houses – designs that include more than one building method or material – often create the best solutions, and so many people want to incorporate these different ideas into their earthbag homes. Let’s look at a few examples … Read more