Hybrid House Ideas

You’ve probably noticed our blog covers a range of various building materials and methods. That’s because hybrid houses – designs that include more than one building method or material – often create the best solutions, and so many people want to incorporate these different ideas into their earthbag homes.

Let’s look at a few examples using earthbag exterior walls combined with:
pallets for interior walls, porches, upper walls and 2nd stories
hyper-wattle upper walls for fast, lightweight, insulating walls
ISBU shipping containers, especially for core units of disaster resistant houses (pre-built safe shelter with all plumbing and electrical installed)
CEB, stone, stone facing, adobe or recycled brick for interior walls, additions, benches, columns, fire resistant backing behind wood stoves, etc.
recycled brick, CEB or stone veneer to protect lower exterior walls
galvanized tubing and mesh for greenhouses, porches, work spaces
– bamboo or wood for fast, lightweight upper walls, 2nd stories and interior walls
straw/clay, vetiver/clay or hempcrete insulation for fast, lightweight upper walls, 2nd stories, interior walls and ceilings

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