Incredible Mini Earthship Tour – Tiny Off-Grid House with Solar Power

“In this video, we tour a mini earthship style cabin at the Terra Perma community to learn how the building is designed to produce heat, water, and power; all while being 100% off-grid.

The interior design of the tiny house is not only functional, but incredibly beautiful as well. It features relief cob sculptures on the interior walls, a dazzling recycled bottle wall, and floor to ceiling south facing windows.

The tiny home away from home was built using over 200 recycled tires that were filled with earth and stacked in a semi circle to create the main wall of the cabin. This wall was then covered (backfilled) with a mound of earth to create a thermal mass that will store energy from the sun and help keep the home at a stable temperature year-round.

Terrasol is one of several miniature green building structures at Terra Perma that are rented to the public as vacation rentals. They’re also a great way for people to experience living in different types of sustainable, hand built structures to see what living off grid is like. In addition to the earthship, they have a mini cob and straw bale house, 2 yurts, a tiny house, and a mini cordwood cabin.”

As I’ve said many times, earthships can be built much faster with earthbags. Tubes are faster than bags. Other than that I really love this design. Great job.

And by the way, the Earthship books by Michael Reynolds books are great. Check your local library. There’s a lot you can learn from someone who’s been perfecting this designs for decades. The latest ones I hear operate nearly perfectly. However, the cost makes them prohibitive to 99% most people. That’s why I keep encouraging earthbag earthships and other earthbag designs. Search our blog for other good examples such as Jake’s earthbag earthship.

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  1. I’m planning a trip to Haiti with a group of girls scout in February 2017. We plan to built a small wall with earthbags around the existing earthbag house. I would like to come in contact/connect with other earthbag house owners or builders in Haiti if possible.
    Thank you,
    Carline Murphy


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