John’s Earthbag House

John’s earthbag house in Argentina
John’s earthbag house in Argentina

People are dreaming of a better world with homes made of natural materials.

“Argentina is an ideal land to create a radical shift in how homes are built and how we live as a society. Once out of the city, building codes dissolve and one is free to design and build to heart’s content. Here in the sierras land is abundant. I’d love to see some of your designs or hear more about your story.

My feeling is that the small community or village lifestyle we are aiming for is a whole lot more interesting when the community is multi-cultural. Connect that multi-cultural community to a global network of self-sufficient, yet inter-connected communities through which energy, ideas and people flow, and things get a more interesting. We could very well be creating a new Earth. Essentially we’re building on the foundation started by the eco-village and sustainable community movement. Our addition is the inter-connectedness.

Who would want to join and commit their lives to a single isolated community when the option of joining a global network of communities is available? By joining a network, what one contributes at community A in Argentina, has equal value at community B in Romania and so that one has the freedom to explore and move within the network without having to start anew.

What about possessions? Could we say that land is never owned by any individual? Instead land is placed under care of a trust and is stewarded by members of the global community. We could carry over the concept of non-possession with other resources too.”

Source: Heaven Letters

6 thoughts on “John’s Earthbag House”

  1. Dear Owen, how nice to read that. I am connected with some of the permacultural projects in Argentinia…

    Do you know what you wrote about possessing land?
    This is more or less the same what the indigeneous say …

    Great – we start to understand slowly the wisdom – it is the collective wisdom!

    Hugh, Anna
    from germany

    • There are hundreds or thousands of inspiring projects similar to this. Each one by themselves may not seem so important. But taken together, there’s clearly a rising tide of growing awareness and determination to build a better world.

      And yeah, I never believed humans could actually “own” land. What a silly notion.

  2. Beloved Owen,

    There are many beautiful giving people in the world, and you, day in and day out, are an outstanding example. You have a passion for making the world a better place, and you are succeding.

    I read your fascinating blog every single day. Today I was particularly touched to see that you had included an inspiring quotation from Santhan Naidoo whose dream of building CommuniTree, a network of sustainable communities around the world is alive and well. Thank you, Owen.

    I want you to know that today the blog I post will feature you and your generosity to the world. The blog will also be cross-referenced to the website where you found Santhan’s beautiful words that you included in this post.

    Santhan is presently in South Africa, and I am writing to you from there as well. The sun comes here first! The blog featuring you will be posted by the time you wake up this morning!


    • Thanks, Gloria. I’ve offered to help design some of your buildings, but haven’t heard from you in a long time. It was very exciting seeing John’s house! With or without me, I’m sure you’ll obtain your desired outcome.


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