John’s Earthbag House — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Owen, how nice to read that. I am connected with some of the permacultural projects in Argentinia…

    Do you know what you wrote about possessing land?
    This is more or less the same what the indigeneous say …

    Great – we start to understand slowly the wisdom – it is the collective wisdom!

    Hugh, Anna
    from germany

    • There are hundreds or thousands of inspiring projects similar to this. Each one by themselves may not seem so important. But taken together, there’s clearly a rising tide of growing awareness and determination to build a better world.

      And yeah, I never believed humans could actually “own” land. What a silly notion.

  2. Beloved Owen,

    There are many beautiful giving people in the world, and you, day in and day out, are an outstanding example. You have a passion for making the world a better place, and you are succeding.

    I read your fascinating blog every single day. Today I was particularly touched to see that you had included an inspiring quotation from Santhan Naidoo whose dream of building CommuniTree, a network of sustainable communities around the world is alive and well. Thank you, Owen.

    I want you to know that today the blog I post will feature you and your generosity to the world. The blog will also be cross-referenced to the website where you found Santhan’s beautiful words that you included in this post.

    Santhan is presently in South Africa, and I am writing to you from there as well. The sun comes here first! The blog featuring you will be posted by the time you wake up this morning!


    • Thanks, Gloria. I’ve offered to help design some of your buildings, but haven’t heard from you in a long time. It was very exciting seeing John’s house! With or without me, I’m sure you’ll obtain your desired outcome.

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