Joshua Tree Home

We have a new Project page featuring a double eco-dome in Joshua Tree, California. It will be the residence of Mark Reppert.

joshuatreeJeff Bousquet, who helped build the house, reports “It took us three months to complete the bag work of the project. The house blends into the desert. Most of the houses around where we built looked odd and out of place. Earthbag structures tend to blend in with the surroundings. It must be all the wonderful curves.”

I agree with Jeff’s assessment of good site design.  He emphasizes “Every extra unnecessary step that I take adds on to the time it will take to build the structure. A good site has the bags or tubes near by, but not in the way. The barbed wire also needs to be close by. Your piles of earth ought to be close to the house, but with an adequate path to move around the structure. Think about paths and flows on site, and plan for the highest efficiency possible.”

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