Kent’s Earthbag Cabin — 5 Comments

  1. Seeing exposed bags in pictures always make me cringe a little, I personally could not believe how fast the Poly bags begin to deteriorate in the sun. I love this Door and Window buck frame design too, potential for both insulation and shimming for a perfect fit plus very efficient… Nice! I can’t wait to see more progress pictures for this wonderful labor of love.

    • Yeah, the frames are clever. Easy to make with salvaged wood, fast, strong.

      I think I read where their bags were exposed up to 2 years! Most bags will deteriorate in a few months. Be careful.

    • (This is for Kent and other natural building bloggers.) Fellow bloggers: please add enough basic info on your site so reader’s can more easily replicate what you’ve done.

  2. This is a good, simple design. But normally the roof goes on first so the plaster won’t get damaged.

    Also, note the excellent bag work on Kent’s cabin. The earthbags are filled to capacity (which requires fewer bags), squarish, uniform and level. I say this because all too often we see slumping, uneven, skinny bags that look like bags of loose dirt. Bags of loose dirt are not the same as earthbags! Cut open a dried earthbag and it should be similar to rammed earth.

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