Konbit Shelter Project

Ben Wolf with the earthbag Konbit Shelter Project in Haiti just sent me this plea for financial assistance. Apparently, there’s a glitch with their PayPal account.

Here’s what Ben sent me:
“Unfortunately, we are in a bit of a financial snag. We have a $4700 stuck in paypal limbo, that was because the person who set it up made an account error and now we are battling to get it out. This is from back in June. Needless to say we have since corrected that glitch on our donate button.

Also, if you have time, please pass the word. If you pass our blog along, the latest post is our call for help, which explains our situation of being within reach and yet just short of funds.”

Note from Owen: I’ve been reading their blog every couple of days and their project really is exciting. I hope this problem can be worked out soon.

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