Larry’s Earthbag House — 6 Comments

  1. So I’ve been thinking on building one of these houses in the eastern side of Montana near Miles City,what did you do about building under code in your area?

  2. Any idea Owen if they are gonna attempt an unframed corbel dome for the top? Sure looks like it! Kent, you got quite the view out your picture window, and please, get your neighbors to send us more pictures!

  3. I am amazed! wonderful! would love to have mix of horse manure and lime. just what I have been wanting to do:
    I don’t have cow manure close by but I could have horse, so would love to know!! thank you! jehane
    building very small off permit little domes .I am there only 3 months in the year, so growing slowly but does!!!! with a helper got iron tailings from a local mine, added these to outside mix, pretty dark! look at my site!

  4. What an awesome building! I’ve entertained the notion of building something similar to the EnviroDome featured on this website, with two domes that intersect. However one big dome is certainly simpler in many ways.

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