Laughing Heart: Building An Earthbag Home

Earthbag home at Laughing Heart homestead
Earthbag home at Laughing Heart homestead

“Hello, I’m Ember and I’d like to share my earthbag building experience. Last summer I moved onto a small family farm called Laughing Heart to learn about earthbag building, permaculture and community living. I was there through the WWOOF program and camped on the land and was fed in exchange for working–a great deal for me considering the work was getting to learn and engage things I’d been dreaming about for a long time. The main project for the summer was building the family’s permanent home, a combination of earthbag, light straw clay and traditional construction. This was my first time participating in any type of building project and I was excited and ready for the experience.

My first week was focused on settling in, getting acquainted with the land, people and routines as well as prepping for the 2-week earthbag building workshop that would kick off the big project. A roving, earthbag building monk called Dada led the workshop and there were up to 12 participants on any given day, most of whom had no building experience, but everyone had visions of building their own home one day. The materials were collected and staged, the site leveled and foundation poured, the workshop participants arrived and it was time to build!”

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Dada Krpasundarananda

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  1. We don’t hear much from Dada, although he’s probably the world’s most experienced earthbag builder. He just goes about his business and avoids the limelight. Maybe he will see this and write an update about his recent projects.


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