Licensed Contractor Needed in Maryland

I just received this rather urgent email from a family in Maryland. They need a licensed contractor immediately. Please email me from our About Us page if you are able to help and I will put you in contact.

“My family is in a fix. We have sixty days to move out of our current dwelling. My husband and I have five children, ages 5 months to 12 years, and we homeschool. My husband’s income is about one third of the median income for this area (Annapolis, MD), but our family is more than double the average sized family. When we found out we qualified for a $110,000 mortgage, I thought “That should be plenty for a lot and an earthbag house with compost toilets!” However, the mortgage broker informed us that banks will not loan for construction unless one is using a licensed contractor.

Can you refer me to someone else who might be able to help us?

As an aside, years ago, when my husband and I were musing about what we would do if we won the lottery, I said I would build an earthbag house into the side of a hill, with passive solar, a masonry heater, sawdust toilets . . . . My husband teased me that while our house was being built, we could ride the rails like other millionaires, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do, on their vacations, and return to our luxury “dirtbag” house. The point is, even if money were no object, this is the kind of house I would build.

Thank you so much for your pioneering work in this area. I am sure you have saved and improved many lives.”

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  1. Did you ever build your earthbag in Maryland? If so, I would love some pointers. I’m in Maryland too thinking about building an earthbag home.

  2. I think this is one of the tedious task now days to choose the best house building contractor.There are so many company in the market who is doing the work of construction. Its our task to choose the better one for our work.


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