Log Cabin Simplicity: recrafting pioneer tiny homes in corn Iowa

“Paul Cutting bought his first log cabin for $600 and with no background in construction, he began to meticulously take it apart, documenting where each piece was placed so some day he could put it back together in an authentic fashion.

He put thousands of hours into the home’s demolition while simultaneously driving the countryside in search of more of these log homes..

These were homes that were built between 1850 and 1870 by the first white settlers to the region, mostly Norwegian Americans who took advantage of the abundant local forests to build their homes entirely of logs. Most of the logs are hidden behind siding so their status is a bit of a secret.”

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2 thoughts on “Log Cabin Simplicity: recrafting pioneer tiny homes in corn Iowa”

  1. Oh that’s really wonderful !

    I never thought of disassembling an old house like that :)

    It’s a great idea, and his rebuilds are super nice :)

    What a great video :)


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