Tiny Off-Grid Cabin in Maine is Completely Self-Sustaining — 3 Comments

  1. Upon closer examination, I don’t see any insulation. What’s going on? Maybe they used rigid foam under the metal.

    Also note how no one answers questions on the Inhabitat forum. Too bad, because otherwise it’s a great site. You can spend many hours or even days searching through their articles.

  2. Awesome :)

    But let it be known, life in Maine isn’t all lovely coastal cabins.

    I am in Lewiston Maine and it’s not nice at all, a rundown ex mill town turned to a city that is high in price, high in congestion, and low in fun. It’s like the armpit of Maine and I’m soon to escape.

    Another thing that should be known about Maine, it’s weather is extreme, it’s barely inhabitable from October 31 to March 1 on account of the cold.

    Maine is like a mini Alaska in the winter. And the Summers are very humid LOL.

    I only enjoy the weather in Autumn and Spring here, and those seasons are super short. It just seems like a long hot and humid summer, then a long freezing cold winter.

    I can’t wait to leave LOL

    I’d rather live in the Florida Keys or Ecuador :)

    It’s February 7th now, we’ve had like a week of 25f (and less) and tomorrow we are expecting a big snow storm.

    I’ve got to get out of here LOL

    OK rock on Owen :)


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