Low Cost Disaster Resistant Housing Package for SE Asia — 9 Comments

  1. Whenever i see movies that show large bamboo trees,i think of the home i could build with it. If i remember right ‘nippa?’ is something used in the PI.

  2. Great post! These homes look amazing and hopefully affordable to all as most of SE regions are poor. Thanks for sharing your post.

  3. Looks preety good. Ive been wondering if there are any free plans out there for a straw bale home. Maybe put out by the government or someone interested in affordable housing.In the USA. I could make something but having a plan that would meet codes. I think straw bale would be a more energy efficient and cheaper than a stick home. I also like load bearing walls. Owen,something a bit larger than your emergency shelter,which is a good plan by the way.

  4. Thanks Owen
    It DOES have good building material qualities. It even looks strong by the picture I saw at the site. In the article it states that it has 3 different densities. I wonder if the lightest would be good for sound proofing? Without really knowing what is consider soft, it’s hard to know for sure. Where you live, is it used much in this manner? The bamboo I know is used considerably but, I do not know it’s use where you live besides for food. When I first brought up the original question, I had wonder about the fiber of the coconut being used in wall building. It seems really strong. That’s where I was originally going with the question. What say you?

    • You want to use what grows locally. Are there lots of coconut trees nearby? Shipping materials hundreds or thousands of miles pretty much wipes out the environmental benefits.

      All the coconut wood I’ve seen is hard. It’s just a matter of degree: hard, harder, hardest. But I’m no expert on coconut wood.

  5. This looks to be a very good building material and I hope if any major storm goes directly across the home it will stand firm. I am particularly interested in the use of coconut. In my way of thinking, this is a very strong building material. Am I correct in assuming that?

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