Low Cost Recycled Earthbags

Hello, would you and your earthbag associates, Mr. Hart and Ms. Stouter, be willing to add us as a source for used 50lb feed bag earthbags?


100% of the money goes to Humanity for Horses, an animal rescue sanctuary in the Mount Shasta area. They have horses, of course, but also burros, llamas, alpacas, goats and sheep.

They are now saving all their (many) used feed bags, 50 lb. poly woven bags for me to collect and sell for them. Right now our price is 15 cents a bag, but I think I will lower it to ten cents. And we sell them in 50 bag quantities, so we are probably good for people starting out with smaller projects.

Not only does the money all go to the animal sanctuary, but this keeps the bags out of the waste stream.”

Thank you,
Jane Selkye, volunteer

3 thoughts on “Low Cost Recycled Earthbags”

  1. I, myself haven’t seen one of these feed bags since it was in burlap. Do you Owen or any other reader know anything about them? Such as over all quality for use in earthbag building, size, etc etc. Thanks.

    • They’re typically the same as regular polypropylene feed bags. Sometimes they may not be as strong. Buy one sample, make an earthbag and tamp it hard to see if it bursts.


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